Democracy we say is the government of the people,by the people and for the people. The meaning of democracy has not bring much progress into this country, democracy of today has become a do or die affair involving the bloodshed of people and killing of innocent ones. Fair hearing of nigerians are restrict in our politics.

It is a dismal that we are sinking under the yoke of political demagogues,ambassador of poverty, insensitive leader, corrupt political saviour and first class deceit liar leader. These are the names that qualify our leaders,they bluff us before coming to power promising to bethe messiah to deliver us from oursuffering. They bribe us with thirty pieces of silver to have our vote,they cajole us with their political trickingbag proclaming to provide us free education, health center,security, employment,good road and other amenities.

Comforter they call themselves while campaigning but discomforter they become when they acquire power,they deceive us at all time with a cup of rice. They increase our pains and burden after their mandate,graduate on street with tattered cloth,getting job is a gigantic issue,no provision for youth,why will crime rate not increase. They dose things on their own selfish interest bending the law to favour themselves and punishing the poor chap and common man.No one can say the outcome of money laundering of Lawan,Bankole, Gbenga Deniel and many others to mention a few.

Politics has become the fastest and easy way to make money,everybody including the youth are running into politics in which they have nothing good to proffer but to eat their own as well. The worrisome aspect is nigeria cloaking fifty two without advance development,we still cry for escalate of foods,lack of employment,power and security etc.

Cogitate,why are we so gullible. We sell our right ourselve to this people because of the little things they give us. I could not imagine thousands of heads shouting before a political leader during campaign just to be punish and threated like slave when the acquire power. They secretly enslave us,our human right is not safeguard, graduate finding it difficult to get job despite is first class degree. They took their children away to other country to have better education and refuse to pay teacher,lecture r,professor better salaries compelling them to strike,heap of shame on our leaders. Democracy is totally out ofcommission.

Let come en masses in solidarity and unity to fight our corrupt leader the way we fought for liberation from our colonial master,let in one love and voice cast our corrupt,selfish and every other evil doer in government into the forest of evil.

current days leaders are like vulture hovering on a dead animal to feed themselves. however politics can segregate nigeria, if care is not taken.

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