Delta state is presently on the march again towards 2011. A lot of aspirants have already declare their intention to vie for elective position, while still expecting others to make known their intention. of all the present aspirants, most of them are seeking for continuity of their mandate while some already holding elective positions wants an elevation towards greater responsibilities. Though a lot of things have taken place in the state whether positive or negative, its up to the electorate to decide. Do you really think whether any incumbent deserves another term?

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This is a litimus test for Deltans. They have the responsibility of electing the right candidate, who will live up to their expectations. If they feel an incumbent deserves another tenure going by his campaign promises delivery, such a person should be given another chance to do more. But for the political wolves, who are only out to devour the electorate, they should be descarded and consigned to the dust bin of history. This is the time to do it right.

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