Delta 2019 - Who Among This Will Get Apc Governorship Ticket

no longer news that APC is the biggest opposition party to PDP in delta state, though it may be surprising because they have never been time in delta politics where another party than PDP gets massive support from the people.
For this reason the 2019 delta governorship election will be a tough one.
Governor ifeanyi okowa had already been giving automatic ticket to rerun for second tenure. So PDP primary is already settled. But the election won't be an easy one for him to win because it's going to be a great battle between him and delta APC governorship flag bearer even from federal level according to Adams osheomole's statement.
One thing we noticed is that the APC is made up of heavy politician who also want to govern the state but before this they have to pass through the primary election within their party APC , then the winner in the primary will now be given ticket to run for the main delta state governorship election.
So as it is now who will be the winner of the delta APC primary election?
Let's look at most influential aspirants under APC.

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