Davido was born on the 21st of November, 1992 to Adedeji Adeleke and Veronica Adeleke in Atlanta Georgia, USA. His father is a Nigerian business magnate and his later mother was a university (Babcock University) lecturer. He attended the British International School, Lagos and studied Business Administration at Oakwood University, US prior to relocating back to Nigeria.

His interest in music started during his time at Oakwood University. He bought musical instrument and started making beats and recording vocal references. He later dropped out of the university when he started getting bad grades and relocated to London, UK, where he focused more of his energy towards music.

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When he returned to Nigeria in 2011, his music career was sidelined after he agreed to honour his father by enrolling at Babcock University. In July 2015, Davido earned a music degree from Babcock University after his father paid the university to erect a music department for an inaugural class of just one student.

“I’ve been doing music for like one year but I took it seriously in March 2011. I was formally in a group called KB International in America. It wasn’t working out so I thought I should just do this on my own and that was when I moved back to Nigeria.

“I was around people that were musically inclined. I love music, and why not do something you love and you are happy doing and making money at the same time,” Davido, on his decision to venture into music.

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