i had a discussion with a man who stil want 2 date me despite d fact that am in love with someone else. He rebuf al resistance and my guy stil do nothing. Am confuse. Help

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It is left for you to decide who to move on with. If you have been having a smooth relationship with your present boyfriend, why look for another. But where you are not comfortable with him, then it is an opportunity to try something new. But look very well before you leap so that you do not jump from fry pan to fire.
It is only fool that eats her destiny today and still hope it is still there, my dear if you are student and wants to get married how can you cross the gutter with two legs. Who ever is dating u, is not thinking of yr future and y hate yr self, better things are ahead of life. Finish yr school , u will see better husband to marry, any calling yr hand for dating hates u. Be wise.
Until you are married, expect overtures from men and the choice is yours to keep your integrity not from anybody from this forum. One thing is for the man to persist and the other is for you to resist. Once again the choice is yours
If u are in reletionship that is not making an head way and the other look promising to you is time u make ur choice but be WISE men are camelon.
Thank u all. My relationship now is as confusing as ever but am going 2 take ur advice of focusing on my education first. That would come later. Pls feel free 2 advice me. Am grateful
Good piece of advice.  It is he that wears the shoes that knows where they pinch.

Bridget Nzeribe said:
the decision is entirely yours.you're the one wearing the shoes and you definately knows how it hurts.sometimes it's good to experiment and your findings will determine how smooth your result will look like.l'm not encourging you to double date instead i want you to sit back and ask yourself some basic questions.we women sometimes make mistakes in our relationships.it's better to deal with the devil you know than an angel in disguise.lf you love your man then back off from the imposter.like the saying goes "a cow does not know the value of its tail until it loses it"


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