Current 2019 trends in computer science project topics for final year students

Computer science revolves around the cycles of technology and science; as new trends emerge, the learning curve and project plans in this field of study follows the new patterns conversely. As a matter of fact, technology has become a major aspect of almost every little sector in our daily activities- in schools, banks, communication, security, business, fashion, infrastructure, health etc. The old trends have borne new regime of the trends which is the more reason some nuggets about current project topic ideas in computer science is necessary.

I’ll be listing some of the topics right here first and let you see sample list of project topics for computer science students. They are definitely going to be useful when choosing your computer science project topic. So here we go;

design and implementation of fraud detection system in computerized insurance firm

design and implementation of an android-based online clearance system for graduating students

design and implementation of computer security: data encryption and decryption system

design and implementation of a computerised traffic offence documentation system.

expert system on thyphoid and malaria diagnosis                                                                             

Meanwhile, internet of things (IoT) is fast becoming a trend in technology especially the use of minute objects within the confines of our homes, offices, cars and accessories.  As it is one of the major trends in technology, computer science students’ projects are not an exception.  IoT, which by reason of trend is a good option for formulating current project topic ideas for  computer science students.

Here are some areas in IoT that you need to borrow ideas for computer science project topics

The use of IoT data to connect traffic light with utility companies

The use of IoT to measure the temperature and humidity of cold storage devices.

The sale of IoT data ( the process of economizing data and information)

Automated customer service so that companies can predict when their clients are having issues; that’s also a trend in IoT.

Workforce management; the solution of monitoring what your worker are doing per within their work space and work time.

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