Creative ways to discuss the findings of undergraduate project topics

The purpose of the discussion of findings of undergraduate project topics is first, to interpret the statistical presentations of data in figures and tables; it also discusses the significance of the research findings relating it to the rationale of the research problem starting from the undergraduate project topics. The discussion of findings does justice to a research by connecting the research objectives, hypotheses and literature reviews with the intention of advancing the readers understanding with facts from the data.

Now that you know, what are creative ways to discuss the findings of an undergraduate project research without making it boring or difficult to digest?


Engage in critical reasoning

Creativity in writing the discussion of finding of an undergraduate project research can be achieved by engaging in deep and critical reasoning. When you discuss the statistical analysis of the research in this segment of your research, they call it table reading and it doesn’t speak well of you as a researcher. Your research discussion will be seen as lacking ideas plus the impression that you rely so much on the table reading for the discussion.

To bring in evidences of critical reasoning in your undergraduate project research, you must interpret, in simple terms, what the research outcome means to the man on the street, the government and development for the society out there.

Be concise

You want your discussion of finding to be lengthy but at the same time, you don’t want to bore your readers with long prose that has the critical claim buried somewhere in the centre or last lines of the discussion.

To be concise in this case is to state upfront your research findings as against your research objectives, that’s first. Secondly, interpret the meaning of your findings relating it to the literature you reviewed earlier in the research, matching their findings with yours and lasting, drawing your own resolution.  


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