COVID-19: Wear a mask during sex, skip kissing - Expert

A top Canada based doctor, Theresa Tam has advised people should skip kissing and consider wearing a mask when having sex to reduce your chances of being exposed to the novel coronavirus.

The Canada’s chief medical officer laid out the sexual ground rules during a statement that covered the best ways to keep yourself and your partner safe from COVID-19 while engaging in sexual intercourse, Fox News reports.

"Sexual health is an important part of our overall health," she wrote. "However, sex can be complicated in the time of COVID-19, especially for those without an intimate partner in their household or whose sexual partner is at higher risk for COVID-19."

Tam said current evidence indicates there is little chance of contracting the novel coronavirus through semen or vaginal fluids, however, sexual activity with new partners can increase your risk of contracting the virus, especially through "close contact, like kissing."

"If you choose to engage in an in-person sexual encounter with someone outside of your household or close contacts bubble, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk," Tam wrote.

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