Hi there, and a happy new week to you. So this week we’ll be talking about – Courier Delivery Shocks. Now courier delivery shocks are the feelings you get when you’re expecting a particular kind of package, item or parcel and the courier delivers something else. It is at this time that questions and statements like; “Is this my package?”, “Why is my package broken at the tip?”. And, “Sir/Madam, this is your package, it was under the category you selected”.

Courier delivery shocks are mostly as a result of mix-ups on the part of the courier, maybe during the storage or trans-loading of packages/items for delivery. And experience in the art of courier delivery has informed the knowledge of something called an ‘On-forwarding Courier Delivery’. Such that the customer’s package reaches the courier office first, before heading to the drop-off address. In this case, delivery packages/items could really get mixed-up if care is not taken. But of course good courier delivery platforms like Swifno and the likes, have a good understanding of these intricacies.

Shocks in courier delivery also come minimally, as a result of mix-ups on the part of the customer, coursed by inadequate provision of delivery information. However, it is appropriate to say in all fairness, that courier delivery shocks are not one-sided, as couriers also get their own share of shocks.

All in all, courier delivery shocks can be reduced simply by having the knowledge of the fact that, to err is human, also by paying keen attention to details during a delivery process (for both courier and customer, especially at the beginning of the delivery process), and exercising the virtue of patience. For more info visit

Have you had courier delivery shocks in the past? Have you needed something urgently and through a series of errors, your package doesn’t make it to the destination in time? Well here are some tips that would guide you in ensuring that your package(s) gets picked up and delivered free of delivery shocks.


  1. Ensure you have the package prepared early enough (depending on the distance), before placing your request.
  2. If the delivery location is far away from the pick-up location (e.g. another state), make the request early enough, preferably first thing in the morning.
  3. While placing a courier delivery request, ensure the pick-up and drop- off locations are properly described. This is to ensure the courier service provider does not waste time trying to locate these places.
  4. Communication is important. When items are on transit, try to maintain a means of communication with the courier service provide. The Swifno app offers an excellent tracking option where the courier can keep the customer updated at all times.
  5. When placing requests for receipts of items from someone else, it is important to advise the person (the sender) just before the request is made.
  6. For online requests, proper item description is important. This will enable the courier send the appropriate pricing over. The Swifno app provides a ‘photo upload’ feature to cater for this need. The courier service provider is able to see the picture and have a better description of the item scheduled for pick-up.



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Hey, all these tips for parcel delivery are super nice. I think that everyone should follow these rules to avoid any issues in the future. Well, I also have to send some packages to a client but finding any good and responsible delivery and logistics services Dallas is quite difficult. Can you help regarding it?


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