Couple Deliver Their First Baby At Home By Themselves Without Help And Share The Entire Process Online (Photos)

A couple who are first-time parents took to Instagram to document the birth of their child who they brought into the world all by themselves, at home, without assistance from any medical personnel or anyone at all.

The father, who is a personal trainer, said they were able to do it by having a healthy lifestyle all through the pregnancy; eating well, exercising and all of that. He also said they researched extensively for what to do in case complications arise during birth. He went on to share really graphic photos showing how their baby came into the world.

Couple deliver their first baby at home by themselves without help and share the entire process online (graphic photos)

He captioned one of the photos: “The most magical moment of my life so far was assisting in the delivery of my daughter on to this Earth. No doctors, no midwives, just us, good energy & good vibrations! #InspiredByCoupe #AFatherRole #Natural#HomeBirth #DrCoupe ??‍??”


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