At present, the white mountain floor has become the leading export-oriented economy of the local industry.Experts advise consumers, sometimes the product price is too grey patio deck floor moistureproof low may not be a good thing. In mid-March, the Chinese Consumers Association and the China Forest Products Industry Association jointly issued six consumer alerts, the newspaper reported, has aroused the strong concern of many consumers.

Recently, the National Board of Quality Supervision, Inspection and the Chinese Consumers Association of consulting calls in a continuous line, the reader is wood composite for outdoors decks in-depth consultation on the consumption of laminate flooring, such as the purchase of 70 yuan the following laminate flooring products, how to judge Its quality is qualified and so on.

To this end, the national wood-based panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the China Forest Products Industry Association and the Board and the Chinese making raised garden box with composite decking Consumers Association and other relevant departments of the experts, the reader is most concerned about the issue to make further consumer guidance.

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