Conditions Where The Supreme Court Will Reverse Its Decision

Can the Supreme Court reverse itself? This is one of the questions asked by lawyers and law students all over the world. As a law student, I was told that the Supreme Court is the apex court in the hierarchy of courts and whenever it makes decision on any legal matter, it is final. This position has been supported my many lawyers, scholars and even judges through case law. In some states, when the Supreme Court makes decision on any matter, it cannot be reversed by any lower court or authority. But this is not totally true because, in some states, Supreme Court decision can be overruled by the parliament.

In answering the question as to whether the Supreme Court can reverse itself or not, i will not generally say Yes or No; considering the fact that readers from different states with different laws, are going to read this topic. To be on a safer path, the right answer would be that in most states the Supreme Court can reverse itself. In countries like the United States, Nigeria etc, the Supreme Court has the people to reverse itself on certain conditions.

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