COMPUTER ILLITERACY ERADICATION PROGRAM is an initiative for addressing the worrisome phenomenon of the adult and middle age nigerians being cut off from computerize era due to awareness disparity with today’s digital life. Nigerians  have much valuable information for the 21st century  but this information can only be transmitted through a digital platform to the computer age.

As part of successful information delivery which the receiver must be able to understand and react to every information accordingly, there is need for everyone to be computer compliance since most information will pass through a digital platform to reach the receiver.

Survey have proven that life without computer knowledge in today’s world is equivalent to a man with no eyes, computer have make life easy for those who compliers and make life difficult for those who don’t comply. [The choice to see the road or to walk blindly depends on awareness and desire]

In developed world, most of the key economically effective environments are increasingly ICT dominant and therefore, investing on ICT knowledge in the 21st century has become a compulsory requirement for individuals.( vanguard community)

 UNESCO’s National Programme Advisor on Education, Dr Mohammed Alkali recently revealed the results of a UNESCO survey that showed that despite improvements to the country’s education system, 65 million Nigerians remain illiterate ( vanguard community)

Point of view “Professor Olu Jegede, a lecturer at the Institute of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University said: “Illiteracy is now beyond being able to read and write. Once computer education is out of it, that person is an illiterate. ( vanguard community)

Nigerian adult seem to be languishing in the dust behind the moving train of the twenty first century as a result of no adult computer education   across the country. Most adult do not have email address while those who have dose not read.

COMPUTER ILLITERACY ERADICATION PROGRAM founded & supported by good Nigerians has given birth to Adult Computer Education Centers in 84 communities across the country. This is a shining light to the success of Nigerian in 21 century but more need to be done to cover more land map.

This program has  empower adult  with the requisite ICT skills and knowledge to integrate with computer age and contribute effective in today’s life.

Our Participants are supported with personal computer for effective practical


       The Programme  comprised of the following components:

  • Practical computer training which has the ability to educate the participants’ to understanding and track their progress.
  •  practical training in online  transactions technics   covering the following  modules:
  • The social value (Information & communications)
  • Business value ( business integrations in ICT)
  • successful value (updated with computer age)
  • Technical value ( ability to operate gadgets )
  • Financing value (Digital Investment)





 Our Programme has the following broad objectives:

  • To create an interactive learning platform and train Nigerians in computer and digital communications Skills that will ultimately translate into improved efficiency and productivity.
  • To create awareness where ICT business ideas are nurtured to their full potential as well as entrenching global best practices by inculcating a culture of computerize -driven entrepreneurship and skills.
  • Promotion of self-confident among partners during business platform.
  • To deepen information and communication technology   inclusion in day to day  involvement

                   OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK

 Applications are solicited nationwide and the training as commences in batches base on availability of volunteers / approve training centers closer to applicant.

Applicants are registered in the training centers nationwide and are expected to provide accurate required details as it will appears in certificate of compliance

The trainings are delivered by COMPUTER ILLITERACY ERADICATION PROGRAM accredited training centers and it takes place on a Saturdays only, the centers are spread across the six geo-political zones.

              PROGRAM IMPACT

This program provides an opportunity to communicate electronically in the 21 century levels.

This program is available for ages 18 and above, otherwise may be call adult.

 Program is developed to close the digital communication gap between Nigerians and other countries in 21 century .Thanks for being part of our invasions.

Join us today as: Instructor, volunteer or Board member [Send request to]

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