hey buddies! compliments of the season to you all. Christmas is here again and i can see that you kids are having fun all the way what with all the end of year parties, funfairs, visits to Santa Claus, dancing and eating and all that. i know that the highlights of the season will be when you put on your Christmas finery (clothes and shoes) and go to church on Christmas day and then come back home to eat the specially prepared food. just don't forget to give thanks to God, mum and dad for everything you received.

have you started making your new year resolutions yet? remember that a new year resolution is when you decide to do something that you have never done before or when you decide to change some things that you are doing that have not been adding positively to your life for example: lying, stealing e.t.c. in the new year.

when you decide that you need to change some things and you need to start doing some things in the new year, you have made a new year resolution.

making new year resolution is easier said than done. most of you kids will just forget your resolutions in the first week of the new year and that will be the end of it. most of you will make a resolution that is too tough and after some time, you will find it difficult to continue to keep your resolutions. here are tips to make sure that you do not end up doing those things i just mentioned.

1. think about those things you want to start doing in the new year for example:i will limit the time i watch television and play video games to 30 minutes a day.

2. be specific about what you want to do for example: i will work on being polite and not talking rudely to my elders.

3. make simple resolutions that you can keep for example: i will do my homework everyday, i will be kind to other kids, i will not call other people names, i will practice good hygiene by brushing my teeth, washing my hands after using the toilets, e.t.c.

3. write your resolutions down in a cardboard paper and paste it where you will be able to see it every day and be reminded of those things you want to do.


have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

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thank u, wish you the same too

Thank you very much.  Christmas is a season of joy, peace and good wishes.  It is also a period of sharing not only with friends but also with the less privileged.  As we celebrate, may we  spare a thought for the less privileged in our midst.  Merry Xmas.


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