Comparison of Symons Cone Crusher and Spring Cone Crusher

Symons cone crusher and spring cone crusher they almost have the same features. 1. Big crushing ratio and high efficiency. 2. Perfect lubricating device ensures reliable functions of machine. 3. Wearing parts of high quality lowers cost efficiently. 4. Long life and wide use. But the working principle are entirely different.

Symons Cone Crusher: 1. Driven by the electric-motor, the eccentric shaft bush will rotate with the triangle belt, small and big bevel gear, big bear, transmission shaft. 2. Driven by the eccentric shaft bush,the cone crusher axis will move in circle , which makes the mantle close or leave the cone from time to time. And then the materials will be crushed by continuously compacting, striking, and bending in the circle crushing cavity between the fixed and moving cone. 3. After several times’ repeating, the materials will be crushed to the required size and then they will be discharged by the discharging opening.

Spring Cone Crusher: When the crusher works, motor drives eccentric cover to rotate by flexible coupling, transmitting shaft, and a pair of bevel gears. Crushing cone central line moves cycloidally driven by eccentric cover, so the crushing wall and fragment wall sometimes approach to each other, and sometimes depart from each other. By doing this, materials are crushed between the crushing wall and fragment wall.

Compare with safty and Maintenance, symons cone crusher is more better.

Although accroding to this data, symons cone crusher seems the winner, choose which one for your project depends on the materials and the final products specifications. Zonedings` people will suggest the most suitable cone crusher for you according to your information and demands.Zhengzhou Zhongding Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in manufacturing mining machinery.We have the best professional workers work for you. So if you need cone crushers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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