Hello everyone, I have an ASA 5520 and Nortel 5510 Switch. I have create 5 Vlans in the ASA and in the Switch. I'm having trouble understanding the nortel vlan tagging, etc.

This is what i want to do:
-Configured 5 vlans in ASA por 4
-ASA port 4 to Nortel port 1
-Nortel Port 2 -> PC on VLAN2
-Nortel Port 3 -> PC on VLAN3
The routing between VLANs needs to be done from the ASA because I need to setup some security.

So I need to know how to configure the ports in nortel. On the PVID do I set the VLAN number? in Tagging I have: Untag all, Tag all, untag PVID Only, tag PVID only. How about PORT1? I have trie all but I"m not able to ping the ASA interface for the VLAN. 

Any tips would be great. 

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