Ciroma and his supporters should go to hell with their political thought and plans, they can only critisize but cant impeach or change the constitution.

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Brother, what Ciroma has forgotten is the word of Lincoln. That the dogmas of the peaceful past is inadequate for the stormy present. He is indeed playing God as our dear President was at pain to point out
Thank God who keeps our live till today,In the history of Nigeria people like Adamu Ciroma needs to keep all his lips skip and watch what is going on.You see Nigerian citizen forget so soon and leave people to God,Adamu Ciroma during Shagari regim got to Ondo State when people were complaining of the state of the Nation,Adamu Ciroma told the people of Sunshine State that he has not see people feeding in dustbin why are they complaining,may be he is looking for another herdsmen who is going to feed us from dustbin that is is making a hell of noise over there.Please Alhaji Adamu should talk to the people he is fighting for to go and repair the roads withing the country that they used to award during their regime without execution.The masses were sufering die day by day on our roads most especially those roads from west to North. I was thinking the man like this will in advising position to the leaders rather than fighting fo r what is not going to happing again.


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