Boiling it down to the basics Meditation In A Bottle Review it also means I can choose what I will allow in my life and what I will not. It is my responsibility to pay bills and I can pay some and not pay others so that I can pay for some other things that will advance my growth and development.

In applying this to today's reality - taking action in our business - I see differences in my "being" from the times we had less financial success and now. If I focus on the balances in our bank accounts instead of making a decision which will move my business forward, then I am allowing my circumstances to run my life. If I make the business decision to do something or go some place, then I am back in charge of the action and gain the reward of my outcome.

Definitions for all to use: "intention" is the same as "goal" so my intention is to take an action and achieve an outcome. All outcomes are successful in that a result occurred. I can have the endless debate on the quality of the outcome and whether it was what I thought I wanted or only what I received. In drinking my morning coffee I can either successfully drink it or successfully spill it... either way I have had a successful outcome.

When I acknowledge all the successful outcomes I have had during day, then I also let the Universe play a part in sending more pleasurable outcomes to me. It could be a few less times of spilling my morning coffee or even an extra "good" parking space by the market. OR it could be a few more people adding their purchases to our financial reward pile.

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