Changing Habits in Times of Solitude, Resentment and Anger - Motivation, Joy and Peace to the World

The number one personal asset to Subliminal Guru Review increase the likelihood that people will like you is to maintain a pleasing personality. A pleasing personality is simply the kind of personality that other people enjoy being around.

This does not mean that you need to be a naïve Pollyannaish personality who is always incredibly happy regardless of the circumstance and is syrupy sweet. People like you to be genuine while being pleasant. It is alright, at times, to be less enthusiastic when circumstances justify this. At the same time the more positive and pleasing you are the more effective you will be with others.

Some people are seemingly naturally positive and buoyant. They are the life of every party and they lift your spirits when they enter the room. If you are lucky enough to possess that kind of natural positive vibe than maintaining a pleasing personality at least initially will be easy for you. Other people are by nature more serious and even drab in their outward personality. However they can learn to be more pleasing. For some this takes effort. It means starting out each day with an awareness of how your presentation to others affects how they perceive you. Start each morning making a resolution with yourself that you will be pleasing all day long with others. Remind yourself of this throughout the day.

One trick to remind yourself is to purchase a wrist watch with an alarm feature. Set it to ring ever 15 or 30 minutes. Each time it beeps take stock of how you are behaving. Ask yourself if you are being grumpy or reclusive or whether you are outgoing, friendly, relaxed and warm in your interactions. You can also ask close friends and family members to let you know when you are not pleasant to be around and more importantly when you are. It takes a thick skin on your part to listen to this feedback but you can learn a lot about how you come across to others.

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