It was just the beginning of a new dawn for a small beverage company when they successfully secured a partnership with a giant coffee conglomerate. Not too long after the partnership, the big coffee company announced their decision to withdraw the partnership it has with the yet growing beverage company as well as others in a bid to strategize better to pursue bigger business margins. The small business owner felt like a looser after the announcement because the partnership established a stable revenue source, rapid promotion of the legitimacy of the small business and brought about a favorable market for the small business.

On a normal basis, that situation above is just enough to end the relationship a business has with another and would extend to personal beef if not watched; but I can assure you that your business will have you to blame afterwards.

Here are common causes of business to business communication breakdown

When you take business misfortunes personal

Just like the scenario above, there is no need taking personal the fact that the partnership your business had with another business failed. Still showing a token of appreciation in spite of the discontinuation fetched the small business lots of good luck.

Try not to nurture a beef; that’s just business and its dynamics. The moment you learn how to separate yourself from the business I guess you will easily learn to separate yourself from the business failures and successes.

Other thoughtful ideas from business administration research

Poor way of burning the bridge

Popular among the various ways of reacting to business to business failure is to totally cut-off every form of communication; and that’s very wrong approach. Why would you stop keeping in touch with a big brand, do you think they will even remember to call you back for more of one such mouthwatering opportunities if they realize you have almost lost the communication cheer with them.

Did I tell you that burning the bridge poorly can limit your business’s opportunities too; like trying to delete their contacts, unsubscribe from their email or quit attending their events or even turn down their invitation? Do not stop communicating with them ‘cause something good will certainly come out of it.

I actually saved the best for the last; the small business actually got a new  and bigger partnership deal with another multinational through their former partners.


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