Fortunately Cash USA   banks are by no means the only institutions which lend money to people. If a bank will not let you borrow money, the chances are that you have a credit rating which is less than perfect. While this can be a problem for a lot of lenders, there are plenty of others who specialise in people with bad credit.A poor credit rating does send a signal to lenders that you are going to be a higher risk than someone without your credit problems, so the terms of bad credit borrowing can often be adjusted to compensate for this. What that means is that if a lender thinks they are less likely to get all their money back by lending to people with a history of credit problems, they are probably going to charge a higher interest rate to make up for their increased losses.However, there are other types of borrowing where a bad credit rating is far less of an issue anyway. The main one being secured loans, where the money you borrow is secured against something you own, usually your house, but sometimes a car. What this means is that the loan is legally tied into the ownership of your home, so if you were to default on the loan and not pay it back, the lender could have your house sold to get their money. Because they have this ultimate safety net to fall back on, they are much more willing to overlook bad credit ratings and lend much higher amounts of money.

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