"...This ban by the United States of America is the consequences of the corrupt years of PDP's administration, unfortunately Nigerians will suffer the effect..." Buhari explained.

The agony of Nigerians seems to multiply in leaps and bounds since the wake of the new year,the security challenges plaundering virtually the whole country is yet to find a remedy,and the recent travel ban by the Trump's led administration on Nigerians has further worsen the whole nightmare. Nigerians by this travel sanctions cannot enter arguably the most powerful nation in the universe at least not until the ban is lifted. This ban appears to be a culmination of Nigeria's inability to tackle it's security challenges and the level of terrorist attacks on the increase.

In a swift reaction,the opposition party PDP blamed it on the irresponsibility and insensitive attitude of the ruling party over ending the incessant killings of Nigerians which further express their incompetence.

While the ruling Party APC in a counter reaction heaped the blame on the opposition's party wastefulness and corrupt practices for over 16 years, and argued that unfortunately the country is paying the price of past sins.

The art of trading blames by successive and past politicians and political parties has become a new national policy and attitude,nobody wants to take direct responsibility for any actions except the good ones.

No one cares that there was an attempted bomblast in a worship center,no is matured enough to put differences aside and collectively fashion a national security plan to averted the already present danger destroying the little reputation of the country,none has the moral rectitude to be ashamed that a so-called giant of Africa is now labelled a major threat to international friends.

The Christians are blaming the moslems,the moslems pointing accusing fingers to the Christians,the Southerners are angry that they Northerners brought this pain, while on the other side,the followers are wishing it was just the leaders that were barred from such sojourn and the list is just endless.

Unpatriotically,even the chief custodian of the Nation is a major trumpeter in this carnival of blames, Nigerians are living in complete despair and a constant fear of the unknown,even the traditional safe havens have become dreaded shelters, perhaps the ordinary man on the street is happy because even the Big Man is not safe.

Our national leaders must rise above cheap political propagandas in this critical period,they must put away party loyalty and primordial sentiments and devise an effective means of arresting this ugly situation that has badly battered the Nation's International image. It is not a prophecy of doom to forsee that soon most foreign nationals will take to their heels out of Nigeria if our security architecture still look taciturn and morous,which will certainly affect the economic development and growth.

Religious leaders have taken the front burner to pray and even protest all in a bid to emphasize the desperate situations Nigerians find themselves,this travel ban should reawaken our consciousness to look inwards for solutions as security is everybody's business.

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