Dietary supplements are used by the majority of adults in the United States. More women than men use them; use also increases with age and education. Health professionals are just as likely as members of the general public to use supplements regularly. Supplement use should be seen as one component of the search for a healthier lifestyle, including improvements in overall food habits and engaging in physical exercise. While much of the current research on nutrition and health focuses on the prevention of chronic disease, the primary reason most people use multivitamins and other nutritional supplements is to support overall wellness. A generous intake of calcium plus vitamin D demonstrably helps build optimum bone mass during childhood and adolescence and also slows the rate of bone loss that naturally occurs with aging. National surveys show that US calcium and vitamin D intakes are below recommended levels, especially for women – despite the fact that substantial research has shown supplements of calcium and vitamin D to be effective in maintaining or increasing bone density and potentially in protecting health in other ways as well.

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