Burned Causes and Daily Maintenance of Ball Mill Bearing Bush

Ball mill is the key ore-grinding equipment in ore beneficiation equipment. According to Fote Machinery after-sale feedback, there are customers reflect that ball mill has a phenomenon of bearing bush burned. In view of this situation, after Fote Machinery(www.ftmmachine.com) beneficiation department on-site investigation and analysis, they think the following reasons causing bearing bush burned:

(1) Lack of lubrication oil causing bearing bush burned

In order to reduce equipment investment, the users equipped the ball mill with self-made lubrication device that lacks necessary alarm device. Bearing bush burned caused by lacking lubrication oil.

(2) Oil-water mixture can’t form oil film causing bearing bush burned.

Although the lubrication device with relatively complete alarm function is adopted, because the cooling pipe in tube-type cooler rupture causing oil and water mixed. Even the detection of oil temperature, flow and pressure are all normal, the oil-water mixture can not form oil film in bearing bush resulting in bearing bush burned.

(3) Workers lack experience causing bearing bush burned.

Due to the new ball mill bearing bush isn’t be scraped well in commissioning, or because the workers lack experience resulting in bearing bush burned.

Users can take the following measures to solve the above problems according to the actual situation.

(1) Aiming at the bearing bush burned failure caused by lack of oil, users can improve the lubrication device. Such as uses two oil pumps, which can be controlled separately and interlocked. When the two pumps are in interlocked control, users can use electric contact pressure gauge to control the alternate pump. When the pressure drops to the setting value, the electric contact closes and the alternate pump starts automatically. When the pressure recovered, the alternate pump stops automatically. When the pressure continues to drop to another lower value, the other electric contact closes and the electric flute sends accident alarm, normally closed point off and shuts down the main motor to avoid the occurrence of bearing bush burned failure.

(2) Aiming at the bearing bush burned failure caused by oil-water mixture, users can equip ball mill with the temperature-control alarm device. Due to the bearing bush is relatively wide, in order to prevent leakage detection of the high-temperature point, users can axially place an end-face thermal resistance on both sides of the spherical tile body, close to the bottom of the spherical tile bus bar. The closer the thermal resistance is placed to the bearing alloy, the more timely bearing bush temperature can be reflected.

(3) In view of the bearing, bush burned failure caused by workers lack experience, users can conduct professional training to workers based on machine instruction manual and professional technical staff training. Only when the workers fully grasp the main points can the users start to test the machine.

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