Dr. Bukola Saraki, the chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum has said that the issue of zoning has not been discussed by the forum. However, he said that he could not rule out the possibility that it would be discussed in the near future. He made this comment on the sidelines of the meeting of the National Governors Association in Boston, which he attended together with 5 other Nigerian governors. According to him:

“As 36 governors, we have not sat down to discuss the issue of zoning or not zoning. It is not an issue we have contemplated discussing but I agree with you that it has gone beyond a party issue.

“But it is not a topic we have agreed to discuss, definitely it is something that I am sure the way the debate is going on, sooner or later, it might come up on an agenda that we will be discussing.
“For now, I want to say that it has not come up and nobody has requested that, but I will not rule it out.”

Speaking on the same issue, Governor Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano State, stated that should the issue of zoning come up in the Nigeria Governors Forum, it would be resolved amicably.

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