Building Design, Building Costs, And Building Plans

Are you thinking of building a house?


If you are, you have made a smart choice.


But what kind of house will you build?


That brings us to the first two questions you need to consider before diving deep into the project.


question 1: what is your budget?


question 2: what building design or building plan will you choose?


Building design and building plan are closely related to the question of cost. The more complicated your building plan or design is, the more expensive it is to build.


My advice?


Build a simple budget friendly house if you're an average guy or a low to medium income earner. That way, you will be able to start and complete the building in record time.


Otherwise, you may abandon the project altogether along the way. The many uncompleted buildings in Lagos Nigeria is a testimony to the dangers of not planning right.


Get more tips for house design, building plans, and costing at . . .


I wish you success.

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Thanks for this wonderful advice.  It is a good piece of information.

I think this advise is helpful as am planning to but so afraid it would'nt be abandoned on the way

Hi Okegbe.

The secret is to start small and grow big.

Calculate what you can afford. If your budget is small, you can start with a plan for a setback BQ.

Setback BQ means that you build a BQ at the back of the land with more space in front to build a bigger house in the future as the funds become available.

Start with foundation. Then upto nintel level. Then up to roof level. Then roofing. And so on.

Before you know it, you're already a proud landlord.

Thanks so much, i will keep you updated as events unfold. God bless you


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