Buhari accuses World Bank, IMF, others over falsification of data

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday met with the newly constituted Presidential Economic Advisory Council (ECA).

Mr Buhari played host to the ECA when the members of the council visited him at the presidential villa in Abuja.

The body was constituted last month with the mandate to advise the president on matters relating to the economy.

After the gathering, the president accused the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund of publishing inaccurate statistical data about the country.

Buhari also said he has mandated his economic advisory team with the new task of having proper statistics gathering mechanisms.

Both the World Bank and the IMF have in recent times lamented the debt profile of Nigeria in relation to GDP.

The World Poverty Clock also described Nigeria as the World Poverty Capital, a designation rejected by the Buhari administration.

The statistics regarding the high unemployment rate and poverty released by the National Bureau of Statistics which is a government agency, have also been rejected by the Buhari administration.


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