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Unable to connect brother printer to wifi

One of my friend has Dw2270  and new Bell internet. He complicated things for himself by misplacing Brother driver set up DVD. The process will be different if you have a different printer. But you can get some hints from the points I am gonna point below. This is what I did to connect his brother printer to the wifi:

1)  First search the set up manual online for Brother Printer. Luckily I found pdf file that helped me to quick search for keywords and text.

2) Most critical that I forgot the serial number of my printer So I followed the steps given below. It could be different for your product. I switched off my printer hold GO for few seconds, switched back it on, waited until all the lights to come on, released GO and pressed the GO for six times. It went my printer on default setting. Everything was reset from my old router name, password etc.

3) Third step is WPS button; you can see this at the back of the printer. I pushed in it for 3 seconds. I did this sep so that my printer forget the internet network.

4) I connected my printer through Ethernet cable to the router.

5) I searched my printer (add a device in control panel) and wrote down the IP address of the printer.

6)  Go to the router ip or if you do not know your router ip then  go to the

7) By default the router user and password should be admin, and then you can get router access. I would suggest you to change the username and password for your security. But do not forget to write down the id password in your personal diary. If you are unable to access your router IP then go the

8) Go to the wireless settings after accessing your router. Find the internet network name and you can change it whatever you like or else you can remain as it is. You will see some security type. I prefer to use WPA-PSK(TKIP) and WPA2-PSK(AES). Put the password at the bottom for your Bell internet. After that save changes and close the tab.

9) Some prompts will appear on your screen. Follow that. It prompted me to take out the Ethernet cable for my printer while the sent a test message. It will show you that the printer got connected successfully or failed. If it shows “failed” then remove the Ethernet cable and reconnect it to the printer. Well let me tell you one thing that I forgot in TKIP or AES, what worked for my printer although my wifi password is same. I forgot the one that worked for me. But the good things is my Brother started worked wirelessly.

Here I have a suggestion for you that do not misplace the printer set up DVD.


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