Recently there have been media awareness campaigns on the deadly effects of this monster called breast cancer. As you are aware of, no permanent cure has been identifed for it. But it can be avoided through some precautionery measures. That is what the campaign is all about. I wish to call on the members of this community to join in this sensitization programme to save mankind, especially our women from contacting this deadly disease. It is deadlier than HIV.

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Dis is an area where d trite saying''prevention beta dan cure'' cant be more applicable,,bt i did modify it 2 be ''early detection is beta dan cure''..its a good thing,some quaters are coming awake to the reality of breast cancer in our clime,,with the right tools-education,improved screening,diagnostic,& therapeutic techniques,we did be able to check if not totally conquer dis menace rearing its ugly head in our society...

I think that the most important thing people should be aware of is ways to prevent breast cancer. Here's the wildly accepted and extremely effective drug to cure cancer on the early stages


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