Common Wealth University Confers Doctorate, Fellowship honours on Scot Aigbovia, Sokoto' s SSG. 

The Common Wealth University, United kingdom today in Mayfair , London conferred the academic recognition of Doctor of philosophy on the Secretary to the Sokoto State Government who also doubles as the Ubadoman of Sokoto , Alahji Saidu Umar.

Dr .Umar , a fellow of chartered accountants of Nigeria holds a master degree from Usman Dan Fodiyo University , Sokoto .

Umar has a long time believe that the substance of education should be adjusted to address societal challenges and not mere for personal progression .
Umar who has demonstrated sterling qualities while serving as a Commissioner and now Secretary to the Government dedicated the awards to the benefits of the public .

A member of the National Scout Board and the National Treasurer to The Scout Association of Nigeria, who is also the Chairman of the Nigerian Union Of Local Goverment Employees , Edo State Chapter, Scot Aigbovia was also conferred with the award of a Doctor of philosophy in Business Administration , with majors in accounting .

Scot, a fellow of National Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute fof Taxation Nigeria (CITN) was also inducted as a "Fellow" , Commonwealth Academy of Management & Leadership , London UK.

Scot's longstanding commitment to the accounting profesion has distinguished him as an accountant of all times earned from his algebral revolution in Edo State and other appreciable reforms in private and non profits sectors.

Speaking after the conferment, Dr. Scot Aigbovia contended that culture, responsibility, transparency and effectiveness were the major indicative elements for strengthening public finances , calling for improvement in public assets management .

He added that higher education was critical to institutional development as the terminal purpose was to form a mind on independent thinking which is needed to mar modern needs for public growth.

He encourages young people not to relent on their dreams as he has had the dream of becoming an authority in his profession as a young man.

Dr Scot holds a Masters Degree in Business Management & Leadership from London Graduate school, London, UK.

The University, which focus is on the main purpose of empowering leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals to be more effective in their jobs ,so as to be responsible to national and community needs ,whilst maintaining the highest standards in all professional capacities charged the duo among others to use new status as a standpoint to transform their communities for global economic proximity .

Raji Bomodeoku

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