Bountiful harvest as kids playfully plants yam close to mum's kitchen

Two daughters of a Nigerian journalist, Henry Ifeanyi Ojelu, have not been able to contain their joy after realising that their little effort is now enough to provide a meal for the entire family.

The two children, Ada and Ezinne, according to their father, had playfully planted a yam seedling in an unusual space beside his kitchen in March 2020, just as the lockdown began. 

The vanguard staff, who posted the photographs of the harvest and the children on Facebook, expressed bewilderment, an indication that he may not have expected the result of the daughters' collective action. 

In the social media post, Ojelu described the result of the mini-farming by his daughters as a 'bountiful harvest'.

Read post below;

During the lockdown in March, Ada and Ezinne decided to plant the head of one yam in the kitchen beside a little space...

Posted by Henry Ifeanyi Ojelu on Sunday, 20 December 2020

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