Bolt Nigeria- How to Join and make 400k weekly from Driving with Bolt

Bolt Nigeria-Bolt formally is known as taxify is one of the fastest-growing taxi driving company in Nigeria. With bolt, you can generate up to 400k per week driving part-time or full time.

You decide when to go to work, you are the boss of your own and best of all a good pay. In this article we will discuss all it takes to work with the company, starting from how to become a bolt driver, requirements, how to sign up and download the app, how to use the app to pick your first passenger and how you are being paid.

For you to become a driver in the company you must meet certain requirements and have some valid documents.

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  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Insurance
  • Smartphone with GPS
  • A 4 door, full functional AC that is not older than 13 years.
  • No criminal record

If you have the above requirements then you are good to sign up for an account, which does not take you more than 5minute to register.

Thereafter you will receive an update from email on upcoming training and date for document inspection.

After the inspection and every verification by any of the registering center, you will then move to the trading level.

However, the training usually takes between 1-3 days to get your account ready so that you can start making money.

Bolt Nigeria-How to Download Bolt Driver App

To download the bolt drivers app which is available for both Android and iOS users visit the android play store, download the app and install it.

Login to your dashboard with your user name and password sent to you by email when your driver’s application was approved.

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