It is quite shocking the rate at which the heartless sect Boko Haram has been killing innocent citizens of the country Nigeria disguising that they are fighting with the government. It is hightime a spade is called its real name.  This heartless sect are fighting against christianity in Nigeria.  It is very sad that the President, Goodluck Jonathan has not been able to take a decisive step and the National Assembly also watching lackadaisically without any positive action.  Unfortunately, due to the locational diversity and the mixed nature of our settlement, the Southern Christians may find it difficult to retaliate in order not to cause preventable tribal war.  I think the best achievement of the century that Goodluck Jonathan and his national assembly can record is to hold a national conference and let the citizens decide on their own.  If we cannot live together, let the country divide once and for all and let each division face whatever consequence that may arise thereafter.  Continuing to keep one Nigeria amounts to postponing the evil day.  Enough is enough!

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