Having a girlfriend is pretty cool, the Idea of who to think of, Knowing someone is there thinking of you, the feeling that you have someone you care for and others, is great but when it comes to making her happy and feel loved many choices and suggestions keep coming. When I had a girlfriend, her birthday comes with may questions revolving in my head, questions like: What should I buy her? Will she like my gift? Should I take her out this year? How should I surprise Her this year? How should...? I know you also feel the same way most times. Getting a unique birthday present for your Girlfriend is your duty, Do you know why? You put it on yourself thinking too much, girls appreciate a gift of love, whatever it is and however it looks.

Just at the corner thinking and thinking of a particular present to make your girlfriend happy, to tell you the truth, "a girl who loves you will appreciate your present with Joy".But you should make the gift presentable, To help you out I have few suggestions on how to make your girlfriend's birthday memorable without spending so much - gauging your wallet.

i. Gift your girlfriend her friends & family on her birthday
Surprise your girlfriend by inviting her best friend back then in school or her family member - mum, brothers, cousin, sisters, I won't suggest inviting the dad but you can if you you are in a mutual relationship with the dad. This will be much more amazing if they - her family, live in a different city from her. The surprise will be cool if you keep the whole plans from your girlfriend until the day of the guest arrival.

ii. Gift your girlfriend her favourite food on her birthday
Girls love this Idea a lot but before you prepare the meal, make sure you know the meal your Girlfriend enjoy the most not directly from her but from family or friends. Choose the easiest from the list given to you and start making preparations for the birthday. Don't be over confident, search for the cooking menu online and practice and practice to get better. Girls love it when their man is in the kitchen, Invite her over to your place on her Birthday earlier for her to see you prepare the meal but don't reveal the meal to her yet. When the food is ready SURPRISE!!!
Trust me the effort and the thoughts you’ve put in would take her totally off her feet.

iii. Gift your girlfriend memories on her birthday
Memories is another option, you can create a collection of your girlfriend's birthday pictures from the time you met till date, this really need attention. You need to commence plans months ahead of her birthday and plan very well ahead. So just plan this seriously you can join forces with her parents or closed friend but it must be a secret till the very day of celebration.

iv. Gift your girlfriend a song on her birthday
Girls love it when you sing for them anytime. Singing for your girl will not only make her laugh and smile but will also shed tears. You know most guys believe that girls becomes more beautiful when they shed tears, Do you think so too? Let's carry out the research. Compost a birthday song for your girl friend, you can call your friends for assistance. Guys are good at doing stuffs like this. While singing for her add soul to the music and stare at her, Let's see if she will ...tears!!#

v. Gift your girlfriend all your feelings on her birthday
Girls want to know you still care and that the feeling you have for them is still strong, you can deside to invite her over to your apartment or stay alone with her and spend time with her. Then you can tell her all the feeling you have for her looking straight at her. You can decide to write them down but I think you should just say it holding her hand.
Write down all the different types of feelings you have for her.

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