Best ways to pull resources together for your research project without burnout

I was rather fortunate as an undergraduate to have a side Job while writing my undergraduate project in final year. At first, outsourcing the time-taking areas of my research was never in my agenda as long of undergraduate research is concerned; I was so convinced my research was going to turn out exceptional if I handled it myself so it was hard trusting anyone else for such outcome. But as time went on, I realized that even the areas I was enthusiastic about weren’t so easy to accomplish; it demands a lot time which I don’t have. My job was always calling and school keeps ringing that ‘you must finish what have started’. Caught in that web, the word COLLABORATION came to mind.

Collaboration requires that I team up with people who have good understanding of my research project topic and are willing to contribute actively to my research. Now, running with that understanding, I took two major steps to gather resources for my research; and that I’m going to share.

Give out the problem areas and concentrate on the possible task

 Although I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulder, I still had to be in charge of my research work by giving out the challenging areas of my research and focusing more on the real tasks which turned out my strength area. Pulling resources from a fellow was established on the bases that it was going to resolve the problem or reduce the challenge and yield results for my research.

Picture the outcome and state clearly to your team member(s)    

 Recall that this is a research project; you have your research objectives at heart more than they do. So while bringing in your knowledge partners into it, it’s advised you align their contribution to your research goals.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong if you ask them the procedures involved in helping you sort out your research.

Confirm the outcome when ready and in time  

To avoid burn out, ensure it is submitted on time and proof-read; this is to confirm that you actually go what you wanted for you research.

Summarily, some people pay to get help for their research project; that’s cool if you can afford it plus it actually answers faster. But if you trust your knowledge partner enough to team with him, then your research project is half written if not completed.


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