You have never played the very first lol cuz everything just described is the first division up to now from the russianbadger along with other branch you tuber showing early footage of the gameplay it looks like the trailers and all that ubisoft has said is accurate so much and all the hinges we wanted from the first division are now in the next one thank god and it seem to me gameplay for The Division 2 Phoenix Credits is balanced enough to be love and today every rifle seems to perform the exact same damage and no gun is not gont be used all have purpose in this new setup unlike the very first where people only used like 4 guns in the full game because they made it a call of responsibility shooter not a cover shot where u had to be very tactical like the depicted the first one but that never happened in the actual match itself but so far they have not downgraded anything at the game.

Let's see... new location, new abilities, new specialty skills (none that we weren't already aware of, however fresh in relation to it being something new in TThe Division 2 versus TThe Division 2), suicide bomber enemies, seems like we'll be fighting on some enemies, bridges with rocket launchers? , jackets/pants/beanies are finally confirmed to create a return so that's fine, rain system confirmed in this trailer as well, more factions aside from the True Sons affirmed? , possible underground about 1:20? They demonstrated off the turret drone which looks dope, at about 1:58 that they show a man with a green vest on, so that sort of showcases how you can set a paint on your own equipment now which is cool. I am sure there is other things I overlooked. But c'mon man, you can't seriously watch this and not take away anything that's new or simply being confirmed/revealed.

I played 939+ Hrs of The Division. This game, however, I'm being very careful because this seems like a"been there, done that" match though the place is different. Perhaps I'm just burnt out on looter shooters, but I do not expect Massive as far as I could throw them (and I should not throw folks with my knee!) . This is certainly NOT a day you buy The Division 2 Credits. It's a wait-for-a-few-months and determine the way the match is received by both critics and fans and how much there really is to perform both in-game and end game. This really goes for the sport as a whole, not simply because this is a cineamatic story trailer, either...

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