These are the best apps that will make you work smarter.. It's the second part of my first articles on Free android apps to get on google play store that will make you work smarter -First Part-.

I just love the second app discussed here!
The Useful World

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Hey! This is cool, but I have another question. Can I find a way to buy apps without money? I've heard something about "google play credits", but I know nothing about this stuff.

This thread isn't about Google Play Credits, man. But if you want, I can tell you more about it. I use this stuff. You just go to a special site, complete test or other thing like that and they give you credits, which you can use to buy stuff from Google Play. It's all very simple. If you want, I can send you a link with a complete article about Google Play Credits. All you need is some time to complete many "quests" from those sites and some patience.

Take a look. There is a list of sites included:


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