Greeted with the gossips of how ‘wicked’ and ‘nice’ some project supervisors alleged are, students are somewhat discouraged about undergraduate projects research especially as fresher in a university. Further in your course of study, it seems like everything said about these Lecturers are actually true because you are probably not finding it easy with the courses they are assigned to handle plus complains about how burdensome, money draining and tedious projects are, keeps flying around, framing a negative picture of undergraduate projects generally.

Beclouded by these wave of thoughts, undergraduates tend to easily air-brush the actual reason research projects are almost compulsory for every university student and infact the benefits of undertaking undergraduate projects. That brings us to the purpose of this article – to help you understand the benefits of undertaking undergraduate projects.

You can’t keep doing a thing without understanding the benefits; it’s like pursuing a course without a sense of purpose. Same way, you can’t benefit satisfactory from what you really don’t understand. Let’s digress a little to what a project really is about.

What’s undergraduate projects about?

At the round up season of their studentship, undergraduate are expected to undertake a research project in their field of knowledge and area of most interest. Projects are not like regular coursework, they are well researched, in-depth and often requires a manageable level of data gathering and analysis to arrive at a conclusion.

Undergraduate projects are purposive. In other words, it’s deliberate attempt to choose a project topic and follow the procedures for presentation of research to arrive at a conclusion which is often not predictable until the data analysis is made.

Benefits of undertaking a research project

There could be more, but we have summarized them into three.  Researchp help undergraduates to:-

  • Learn to read and interpret other people’s research critically by doing yours. It gives you insight into the practical difficulties and theoretical debates of published research.

  • Develop and apply the lessons and advise you have received in your course of study practically.

  • It creates the opportunity to evaluate and access your capabilities to conduct research independently.

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