Bellsouth net email customer support phone number +1-850-441-2327

Bellsouth net email service provider is the other name given to AT&T. It has been developed from an email program using IMAP. provides a great IMAP access to your account. It will help you connect with your email using your mobile devices and also on desktop email solutions. It provides various advantages and features to the clients. If you are planning to make a new email account it and you are willing to have lot many features along with it, it is the right destination for you.

Features of

The first and foremost feature is the users are not compelled to use the interface of space webmail. It is possible for them to check the emails using their other email programs. They can use Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple mail, etc. If you use the applications available on desktop email, you will experience a tremendous improvement in your workflow. There are many options offered to you and you can access your emails without using the internet connection. It is a comment double feature.

Bellsouth net email service provider SMTP configuration can also be configured on SMTP server. What you have to do is just to open the configuration window of your Email application and you need to
access Bellsouth's settings for SMTP. If you wish to set open Email campaign for a particular purpose if you wish to send a bulk email. You need to invest a little in SMTP server. Please be informed that Bellsouth it is not designed for this purpose. It is the recommended that you take a professional service after making payment which is very nominal. It is clearly mentioned on the website that an individual account can’t send emails in bulk.

Bellsouth net email setup

The very first steps to open your att email account. Then you need to tap on the email icon. You need to enter your email address and access it with the help of the password. In case you have forgotten the password, you can take help from the option called as forgot password and it is very easy to retrieve your password. In case you have forgotten your email address and you are not able to retrieve your password, then you need to contact bellsouth customer service. When you get successful in signing in, you have finally set up your email account.

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