Be Kind, Make Someone’s Day

A new day brings along its own challenges, problems, pressures and goals that make all of us dread it- but imagine if you had someone encouraging you at intervals during the day. You would definitely be able to handle more tasks and deal with challenges better than if all you got was negativity through the day.Even though there are a lot of things you are dealing with, have you ever thought that there are people that are going through worse circ***tances and are just trying not to fall apart? Do your bit today to make someone’s day better, instead of carrying out your own frustrations on them. You could

  • Smile- Smiling as often as possible, even when everything isn’t going so great seems useless- but your smile can give someone the boost they need to go on with their day.
  • Be polite- No matter how rude other people are, try to be nice to them; this could actually help to calm them down and improve their moods.
  • Do something nice for someone- try to do little, random acts of kindness like buying a colleague lunch, paying for transport for a random stranger who doesn’t have change, or helping a colleague with his workload.
  • Compliment them- A random compliment to a stranger or even someone you know can completely change the course of their day.
  • Listen- Sometimes, some people just need someone to talk to without being judged or criticized. Try to take burdens off people by being there to listen.
  • Surprise them- Why not do something to make the people you love happy? Take them to a great restaurant, arrange a lovely hotel stay or getaway trip for them or just get them a great gift.
  • Don’t look down on anybody, be it a cleaner or a gateman. Greet them, make them feel important and form relationships with them.

Let your act of kindness today change someone’s life forever, even if you never get the credit for it. Have a great week ahead. 

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Very good post. Definitely worth being kind to others and then people will be kind to you


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