France's Islamic veil ban spurs passionate reaction worldwide. what is your view, is it right or wrong for France to ban burqa and nijab?

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To me, the laws of any country decide what is acceptable to them or not, not the whims and desires of a foreign visitor. French law is French law. It is their country. Don't like it, go and live elsewhere. If I go to the Middle East, pending country, and live or even just go for holiday, my partner would have to cover up in accordance to their law. It is as simple as deal with it,. Assimilate or move. I am sick of the lack of assimilation in countries and this lack of it goes to show that multiculturalism is not working. After all,the hijab is not a requirement of the religion, so it is NOT a religious issue. It is also not a RIGHTS issue nor is it a RACE issue.It is a matter of CUSTOM, and France has decided it does not want to promote this custom.France is in the right here. Trying to keep 7th century barbaric values helps NO ONE. We can see
what's happened and for Islam to work in other countries THEY need to conform to their host country - not the other way around.
I have no problem with the ban on face covering,We have seen the threat most Countries face from Muslim extremists,When you walk past any one with face covering,you don't know who or what they are.any wanted criminal or terrorist could escape dressed like a woman with face covering.I'll say,in the interest of public safety,we should be able to see the face of any one walking past is not a requirement in Islam,it is an ancient traditional practice in some Arab countries.Such things has to stop!!!
The law should not be bent for any reason.  If the French Law does not support the use of veil by Moslem women, so be it. 
If you are in Rome behave like a Romans and if you are in France behave like the French. For France to come out and bad use of vein then they must have good cogent reason. Let the muslims in France respect the laws of the land.


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