As richly endowed by the Divine with enormous resources, viz; natural, intellectual, spiritual and ecology we still find it so hard to breathe without severe panting. Daily our lean hopes have nosedived more than 360 degrees, yet we remained unperturbed. Still believing that sooner, miracles will happen and all our misadventures shall be over.


Been conscious of where we are going as a nation, we have always channel our supplications to the Divine to address our cause and intervene in no time. This have yielded positivities in our progression as majority but negativity in minority. the later deliberately playing "god" even when it is so obvious that their fall shall be great.


Friends, Brothers and fellow Nigerians, I am usising the medium to drive to our cousciouness that we are so close than we think, as bad leadership, the bane of our improvishment shall be trampled by our collective votes, come 2011. we all should come out in our numbers and challenge the minors with our votes, which is our right to change bad leadership for the better. Dont be deceive by their so called "government machineries or incumbency", as only good governance is any machinery any government can possess for continuation of service. This we know know they dont possess in any form or shape. Believe me, " the tide will always return"

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If only we can understand the power of our votes, if only we can decide to exercise our franchise and if only we can decide to vote according to the detects of our conscience, then we can say we can make a change through our votes. Let us preach against ignorance and intimidation. If we all resolve to effect a change in the leadership through the power of our votes, it is possible.
Yes, it is time we realise that our vote is our power. We may have voted before but it did not count that was because we were ill informed. There is a great degree of power behind our votes and this we can unlease on bad leadership by collectively coming en mass to register, vote and ensure that the last votes count.


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