This weekend Audio Push returned with their latest Somethin 2 Hold You effort, a six-track effort to satiate fans for a hot minute.

The outing arrives as their latest after delivering on a few remixes of Kanye West and Lil Pump’s “I Love It” and Tyga’s “Taste.” On this new delivery, you can find Price and Oktane in their natural habitats, doing what they do best as they lightly spar bar-for-bar, most notably on the “Fully Loaded Cypher” cut that closes out the project.

Naturally, all the usual ingredients are present in this reciper as the duo catch their cadence, put on for their native Inland Empire, and issue a challenge to whoever wants all the smoke via wax.

Quotable Lyrics

They know I’m finna bring it back to the IE
And ain’t a nigga in that city who don’t know ’bout me
B****, I’m for sure with it
Don’t check her phone when she alone
It got my songs in it
I hit it right I make her shake
Like something wrong with it
It’s extra magnums, extra rounds
All night long in it
Because I’m long with it
I don’t do long distance


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