The Universe is an almost infinite space with room for millions of stars, star clusters and galaxies. The distance from the Sun, which is the nearest star, is called the Astronomical Unit, AU - and amounts to 149,597,870 km. Given that the speed of light is 300,000 miles per second, visible light observed from the Sun takes about eight minutes to reach earth. The next closest star to the Sun, is called Proxima Centauri, and light emitting takes longer than 4 years to reach Earth. This means that when you look at this star, is "seeing" how it was more than four years and you do not know how is at the present time. And indeed, when you observe the Sun with the proper eye protection, it "sees" what it was about eight minutes.

On clear nights, especially when viewed in the field with a small telescope, far from cities or towns that illuminate the night sky, you can also see areas nebulae where stars are born, such as Orion or M42 in the constellation of same name. These are called molecular clouds.Molecular clouds are huge and deep dark clouds that are formed by a gas called hydrogen 99% and solid-dust-matter in a very small proportion 1%, but enough so that under certain conditions, the stars can be born. You could say that these clouds provide the raw material for the main course which is the formation of stars.The embryos of future stars are hidden inside of molecular clouds, and only the radio and infrared waves of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by these embryos of stars, through these dark regions - the visible light does not-in So with appropriate equipment such as telescopes in space, we can interpret the results and develop a theory of star formation to reveal the secret.

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There's nothing more beautiful than the universe. Only the bottom of the ocean can be compared to it. There's so much happening in the universe. Only by thinking about how big it gives me goosebumps. Sometimes I have nightmares where I'm floating in the middle of nowhere. I don't think people will ever be able to discover it. Interesting if it has any borders. I cannot even imagine something without a limit. For someone who believes in God, the universe is the first question that should make him doubt. I plan on buying a telescope. For beginners like me, on is a review of them.


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