Blue-collar jobs require physical rather than mental exertion. Hmm. What’s so wrong with how you do the work as long as you get the job done? Why should the way you do the job matter, you are trying to earn a living aren’t you.


I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of, society does not just understand that what is important is how much money you take home at the end of the day’s work.


What’s so wrong if your hands get dirty, you will wash them won’t you? So your palms get tough because of the job you do, and that worries you, buy a hand lotion or better still, go for manicure every now and then, you can afford it, can’t you? Why not go for full body massage, that way all those muscles and joints that have been ‘damaged’ because of the heavy lifting will be taken care of.


You are worried people will call you names, no sweat, English is a wonderful language, you can coin your own words to explain what you do for a living, print it on your business card if you like. Open a web page, nay ya money kill am.


So a ‘common farmer’ can now be called an Agriculturist, an Agribusiness man, an Agronomist or a Cultivation Consultant. No be you start am, receptionists are these days referred to as Front Office Executives. It’s your job and you can describe it the way you understand it.


Mechanic can be an Auto Medic, Carpenter=wood sculptor, or wood expert, or Wood Consultant /Contractor or Wood Technologist, it’s all grammar, as long as it brings money into your pocket at the end of the day. Even Pastors these days prefer to be called Life Coaches, because that pretty much explains what they do in the lives of their members, they teach/train them on managing life’s challenges!

See You Soon.

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Most of our graduates are at cross roads. The jobs are not there and there is no capital to start up a business. But instead of waiting for a white collar job that may not come, it is better to start up something no matter how small. I know it is not an easy task, but idleness is next to crime. Our students should try to read courses that will make them sefl dependent because the labour market is saturated.
The beauty of university education is that is exposes one to many areas of life. Our graduates should tap from the exposure of university life and try to fix themselves somewhere instead of waiting for jobs that will not come.


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