Title: Angels with Scaly Wings
Genre: Violent, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Developer: Radical Phi
Publisher: Radical Phi
Release Date: Jan 31, 2017

About This Game
Angels with Scaly Wings is a unique visual novel set in a world populated by dragons.After the discovery of a mysterious portal, you are selected as one of the few humans to travel to the world of dragons. While you serve as an ambassador, you learn more about this strangely familiar place, and discover that your human colleague knows more than he letting onIt will be up to you and the friends you make to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the newly discovered world - and in the process, you may even find love.Epic storylineWith a script of over 175.000 words, our mindbending story will lead you through a number of dramatic twists and turns.Hang out with the localsMeet with a variety of dragons on 5 main and 5 secondary character routes. Listen to their stories and learn about their hopes, dreams and problems.The choice is yoursMake deep, impactful decisions that can affect the game world permanently and lead you to more than 13 different endings.A town full of secretsInvestigate a number of mysteries during free time sections. Manage your time wisely and be careful who you meet with, as each encounter may bring forth unintended consequences.Unlockable galleryFind exclusive images of the main cast.

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System Requirements
Minimum:OS: Windows XPProcessor: 2 GHzMemory: 1 GB RAMGraphics: DirectX Compatible CardStorage: 2 GB available space

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