When societal issues are not faced with serious supervision, attention, and care, different scenarios are bound to happen. Political thuggery, terrorism, homosexuality pedophilia, boko haram, armed robbery, assassination, kidnapping, pipeline vandalism and cyber crimes will definitely occur.

The Almajiris grow up in the streets with no amount or little feelings of love, care and guidance of parents, left alone to fend for themselves, living a life of a beggar, sustaining by naira and kobo collected under the scorching sun hot enough to penetrate the brain and cause sicknesses of all sorts.

"The almajirai-based schools admit children as young as five, and they are expected to give their teachers the token sum of 100 naira ($0.30; £0.25) every Wednesday, which is the end of the week for the pupils with Thursday and Friday; a religious day for Muslims; being their weekend.

"The mallams say the money is for the maintenance of the schools, and they do not pocket it.

"Most almajirai have no means of paying and resort to begging on the streets to get the money. Sometimes they carry out menial jobs for families, in exchange for food or clothes.

"They often live in squalid conditions with poor hygiene, and can go without a bath for weeks, despite the fact that Islam puts huge emphasis on cleanliness," information gathered from BBC News revealed.

However, hunger and suffering is a disease that comes with different afflictions and mindset in order to survive. Circumstances set track for situation, situation creates confusion, confusion leads into frustration, frustration brings bad emotion, bad emotion out of suffering introduces societal vices ravaging the world today. If serious attention is not given to these young souls, the future of the country is not safe. Nigerian Government needs to address the issues of Almajaris as fast as possible. Delay is dangerous!

Sheikh Abdullahi Garangamawa, the chief imam of the Jafar Adam Mosque in northern Nigeria's main city, Kano, told the BBC that the almajiri system was being abused.

"The almajiri system, as it is today, is nothing but slavery and governments should stop their dragging feet and act fast on it.

"These boys sent from the villages no longer seek Islamic knowledge - many of them become criminals and thugs for politicians," he said.

"This is a harsh view of an ancient system of Islamic education in northern Nigeria, and it is unlikely to end until the government tackles poverty and offers the children - and their parents - a better alternative," he added.

Nonetheless, Almajaris are children that equally deserve good treatment like every other kids, their silent cries and pains should be heard, they should not be treated like slave who suffered all days and died in vain. Encouragement towards success and good education should be given to them, provision of infrastructural facilities should be made available for them. The time is never too late to do what is right.

This a call for humanity, I call upon the Federal Government of Nigeria, organization and bodies included in humanitarian movement, all advocators and activists for humanity to address the problems of the Almajaris.

A cry for one, is a cry for all, the Alamajaris also deserve adequate care and love. Humanity First!

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