Truly, time and tide wait for no man. And I want to believe we all know that NYSC is not the end of life. In fact, the end the 'One Year of National service' is the beginning of our individual life.

Therefore, whether you are a Corp member or you are still an Undergraduate or you are yet to secure admission but you know for sure that one day you will become a Corp member, this question is for you. After NYSC what next?

Maybe at a point in time, you are at the verge of concluding your service year as a youth corp member and you are thinking about how to start life after NYSC.
The first question that comes to your mind might be “What does life has for me after NYSC?” or How will life treat me after NYSC? The truth is you are not alone in these dillema. But the good news is that, you are in luck because this article will help you figure it out.

Now to the big Question. After NYSC what next?
It is an undisputable fact that the expectation of every graduate is that after one year of NYSC program, he or she will get a good job and start living a comfortable life. And It is my prayer that God will grant us our heart desires in Jesus Name. But even the Scripture made it clear that 'you will know the truth and the truth will set you free'. So, If we must be sincere with ourselves, we would all agree that there is a great need for what is called 'plan B' in a country like Nigeria of today, considering the present state of the nation, especially, the present economy recession we are

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