Getting traffic to your journal could be a technique to verify its success. exploitation the Digg internet site to reveal your blog's content to its various users can go Associate in Nursing extended because of assist you gain regular guests. However, it'll be long and tedious to manually submit your blog's post to Digg. luckily, Digg has Associate in Nursing Import Feeds feature that allows you to import your blog's terribly simple syndication (RSS) feed to your Digg account. once your feed is foreign and verified, you will save time by automatically submitting your posts to Digg via your blog's feed.

How To Feeds to Digg

1. Open your computer program, navigate to then log in to your account.

2. Click "Settings" inside the upper-right corner of your Digg account page.

3. Click "Import Feeds" on the left facet of the page then enter the address of your blog's place within the "Add Feed" text box.

4. Click the "Add Feed" button at all-time low of the text box. A verification code for the feed displays beneath Manage Feeds.

5. Copy the code and paste it into your next journal post's body, title or hid in Associate in Nursing machine-readable text mark-up language comment.

6. Publish the new journal post then come to the Import Feeds section of your Digg account. Click "Verify Now" to the correct of the verification code to complete the tactic.

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