Episode 28
“please don’t leave me. I need your love to survive. I need your presence in my life” i poured out while she stared at me with eyes filled with tears.

when someone you love misbehaves, no you don’t push him into the fire to burn because the fire not only burns him but burns your soul as well. I’m dying out of grief. Don’t let me die sweetheart” i begged, pushing her to the greatest depth of sympathy with my pleas. Of course she loves me, but the love and anger in her were battling for supremacy. The house she was about leaving was equally hers as well.

She drew back and sat on the bed, covering her eyes with her palms.

“i beg of you sweetheart, just do anything to me but don’t walk away from my life. I badly need your shoulder to lean on” i begged passionately.

“If only she will change her mind, perhaps my future will take a new better shape” i reasoned.
We all know a divided house never stands for long and i had a lot to benefit if she decides staying by my side.

“i love you. You very well know i love you. But i can’t stay in a house where my husband is having a child with another woman. It’s not as if i have a child of my own to manage. I can never be happy with that reality and i’m no fool my love, i can’t ruin my life by chasing shadows. It’s already obvious to me that i can’t have a child, so the best thing is to leave and find a way to be happy. I can’t block you from having children through another woman. Yes i’m angry with you but i’m not leaving your house out of anger but just as the right thing to do” she poured out with tears dropping from her...READ MORE

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